The smart & the jerk.. You won’t stop smiling


No more joying than watching your pets playing together, I think you will discover a lot about them, many things you did not recognize before will be arise.
We can say in confidence that dogs are more or less the mental age of a human kid, so they act like kids almost all of their time; this means that despite having adorable personalities and innocence in them they could act like jerks sometimes.
When you raising a dog you will acting actually like raising a baby, you will find many behaviors in both are similar, when they wanting what is not theirs, they will fight to have it even though he could have what is enough for him.
Let’s take toys for example, How many times have you seen a baby trying to take another baby’s toy even though he has the same in his hand finished?


Also, the previous words can apply exactly on dogs, let me asking you how many times you saw a dog trying to eat other dog’s food, even though he has finished his dish?
I can say it happens all the time, I think dogs and kids though things belongs to others are better than all they have. they could have just left the thing and got bored with it but the moment they see someone else having fun with it they get this unstoppable urge in them to get this thing again!


In this video, we can see all that, while the Labrador was chewing on his toy suddenly the corgi decided that he wants it like a baby, and he tried so hard to get it, he kept trying to take it away, but what happened next was just amazing.


The Labrador did one of the smartest things i have ever seen a dog do, he left the toy for the corgi to chew on and then went away to get another toy, acted as if he was trying to keep it but soon enough he gave it to the corgi, the corgi got busy with the new toy while the smart lab went back and got his toy which the corgi had left on the floor!


Source: By: Justin Tokarsky

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